Project Engineer

Job Description:

is responsible for all engineering and technical specializations for projects as well as scheduling all technical activities, planning, forecasting, resources and managing them in order to ensure the accuracy of the project and its Goet from the idea of ​​the project until the completion of it, and also monitors implementation and interaction with customers to explain their needs and requirements to achieve the greatest degree of customer satisfaction and the quality of implementation.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Preparation, scheduling, coordination and control of engineering projects.
Monitor compliance with applicable laws, practices and quality assurance policies.
Interact on a daily basis with clients to interpret their needs and requirements.
Quality control, performance standards and specifications required of the project.
Follow up on work, budget, schedule, plans and staff performance and regularly report on project status.
Define and distribute responsibilities to the team within the project.
Collaborate and communicate with the project manager and various departments to provide assistance and technical support.
Follow-up achievements and set delivery times.

Technical Office Engineer:

About the Job:

Planning, coordination, and supervision of technical aspects of construction projects.

Monitor and supervise the project execution process to ensure completion of the job within specified time frames, in an organized and cost-effective manner, in accordance with the approved design and quality standards so as to meet customer’s satisfaction and maintain continuity of business.

Examine the drawings, assess the material requirements, approve and submit the material requisition accurately to facilitate the purchase of appropriate quantities of materials.

Examine the project program and based on the schedules mentioned assess the material and manpower requirement for the job.

Experience Needed: More than 5 years.