What We Do

Product Development
& Introducing New Services

Product Development

ROAIA offers a comprehensive package of services designed to allow the client to work with one of our managers and create a project the company can carry forward to completion. Some of the myriad services ROAIA offers are:


  1. Design and Build Services.
  2. General Contracting Works
    • Residential Buildings works, skeleton, unfinished, semi-finished, finished and Turnkey projects.
    • Industrial Construction and Maintenance.
    • Institutional Projects, Universities, Schools, Kinder gardens, etc.
    • Office Buildings and High-Tech buildings works in general.
    • Commercial Projects
    • Landscape
    • Infrastructure Projects: Sewage networks, water networks, irrigation, firefighting, roads works, telecommunications networks, etc.
    • Finishes Projects
    • Simultaneous Projects & Services
      • Athletes’ Hospitals
      • Water Treatment Plant Projects.
      • Batch Plant.
      • Stadium Projects
      • Olympic Pools
      • Site preparation and mobilization
      • Cement foundations
      • Piles Works
      • Special Structure Works
      • Plumbing and utilities installation
      • Subcontractor assessment and evaluation.
      • Permitting
  1. Renovations of Exterior & Interior and Remodeling alterations
  2. Construction Project Management
  3. Quality, Health & Safety Engineering Services, QHSE.
  4. General Supply.